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Welcome to Creations Wig Studio!

Female hair loss can be a heartbreaking problem to face. Often we don't know who can help or what non medical options we have available to us.At any point in our lives, we can suffer hair loss, whether that be due to illness, thinning hair, Alopecia Areata or medications.The effect can be devastating & knocks our confidence & self-esteem.One thing is for sure, you are not alone, at any one time there are thousands of people feeling the same way.After all, we all need to feel good about ourselves in order to have everyday confidence! 

Here at CREATIONS WIG STUDIO situated in Capalaba, we can help. There can be a number of options depending on your situation & requirements.We have a professional discrete wig fitting service, that is privet to the rest of the studio.Serviced by fully qualified hairdressers, who can help fit & style your wig to suit your needs.We look forward to being able to help you make the best choice.

Wigs can be either custom made (takes approximately 8 weeks) or pre-designed styles which you can buy of the shelf. Custom made human hair wigs are more expensive. The process involves taking a template showing the contour of the head. Doing colour samples, density & style required.Not everyone needs to have human hair. The synthetic fibre wigs today are amazing & have a baked in memory so as styling is already done. Very easy to wash & wear.Sometimes it's a case of buying the wig you like & then just having it customised for you! 

Hairpieces/ ponytails & buns are a simple and easy way to add fullness to your hair.

We will go through all the maintenance steps you need to care for your new wig.You can purchase any cleaning or conditioning products that will keep your wig looking it's best. Apart from having over 100 wigs on display we also have a large range of scarves, turbans, hats & headwear! Come in & have a look at our range. 


Opening hours are Monday - Friday 9am - 4pm, closed public holidays & long weekends.


Please note that our address has changed. We are now located at 66 Old Cleveland Road Capalaba.